Technical Trouble

Q. The screen doesn’t change for a long time.

It is probably because of your browser cache.
This can be solved by clicking [refresh] without using the URL in cache.
*Please do not click [refresh] in checkout.

Q. The screen is freezing during shopping.

Screen freezing or display of a blank page can be caused by a high number of people accessing our website.
We recommend closing the window and reopening a new one.
Please note that the products in your shopping cart would be cancelled.

Q. Error occurs during the checkout process.

We apologize for the inconvenience but please restart the checkout again.
Please note that products in your shopping cart would be cancelled.
Our customer support is also available.
Please e-mail us at if needed.

Q. Time-out error occurs.

It can be caused by a high number of access to our website.
Accessing once again after a while is recommended.

Q. Is this website ready for Mac?

Our website supports Mac, iPhone, and iPad.


Q. I forgot the password to login.

Please click [forgotten password] and enter your e-mail address into the blank form so that we can let you know your password.
If you don’t receive our mail, please contact us at

Q. My registration is not accepted.

It might be rejected because of capitalized letters or unnecessary letters (such as space, double-quotation, special character, etc.)
If you are still in trouble without those letters, please contact us at

Q. Is membership registration required for shopping?

Membership registration is not necessarily required.
You can checkout with [Guest Checkout].
Please note that a membership reward will not be available without a membership registration.

Q. What is the benefit in having a membership registration?

TAKUMI members will receive our newest information (new arrival products, sale, campaign, etc.) if they subscribe to our newsletter.

Q. Can I change my e-mail address?

Please contact us at
Your former e-mail address, new e-mail address, birth date, full name will be required.

Q. Can I change my account information?

Please login and click [Edit your account information] or [Modify your address book entries].

Q. Can I change my password frequently?

Frequent password change is acceptable.
Please login and click [Change your password].


Q. I would like to know about stock availability.

Stock availability will be displayed in each product detail page.
If you would like to know the arrival schedule of out-of-stock products, please contact us at

Q. I cannot find products that were sold before.

It is partly due to the end of a sale period.
In this case, those products are not available any more.

Q. Are several packages for one order accepted?

Usually, it is not accepted because we pack and ship products depending on the number of orders.
However, we might pack and ship several packages when you place an order for a lot of products at once; on the other hand, we might make one package when you place several orders.

Q. How are my products packaged?

We use water-shedding paper bags or cardboards for packaging.
(We appreciate your cooperative understanding of this simple packaging.)
We also use packaging materials for fragile products.

Q. Are gift services available?

We do not offer gift services because packages might be opened by customs during the shipment.

Q. I would like to return my order.

According to our Return Policy, please note that you should contact us within 10 days after you receive your order.
After 10 days, we don’t accept returns for any other reasons than defects and damages.
Returns/exchanges are only acceptable in the following cases;
a) The merchandise is different from your order.
b) The merchandise is defective.
c) The merchandise is broken or damaged.
In the case of returns due to such reasons, the amount that you paid us will be refunded.
For returns and exchanges for any other reasons, such as difference in size and appearances, the customer will pay the return fee.
If you have any questions with your order, please contact us at with your order number.