【ren】Milk Pitcher: Creamer (Pink)

【ren】Milk Pitcher: Creamer (Pink)



Need some cream for your coffee or tea? The glass creamer makes our morning time feel complete. All delicately handblown, none are exactly alike in color and shape. The spout is designed for easy pouring, and the intricate lattice patterns is absolutely lovely. Don't stop at a conventional ceramic creamers, use glass.

※The actual product may look different depending on your computer and smartphone window.
Each product is handmade, so the shape and color are slightly different from the video clips and photos.

※These series are neither heat resistant glass nor tempered glass. Please avoid the use under the situation in which sudden temperature changes in a short time such as heating in microwave, freezing in the fridge, or pouring boiled water into it. When your child use it, please keep your eyes on them. Glassware should be washed gently by hand with soft cloths or sponges.

Each product is handmade and colored by natural minerals, so the shape and color are slightly different from others. They might have a small bubble in the glassware, we hope you enjoy it as one of the features that the product has.




Φ100mm x H65mm


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Hiroy Glass
Hiroy Glass Hiroy Glass
Okayama Glass Art Hiroy Glass

Bizen, a city in the Okayama prefecture of Japan, is the birthplace of Bizen-yaki (known as Bizen pottery). In this famous “city of pottery” lies a glass studio run by Hiroi Hanaoka, a glass artist born and bred there. “I didn’t think that I would become a glass artist,” he admitted. When he came to decide his future career, however, he made up his mind to study ceramics in Kurashiki-city. “I wanted to make something,” he shared. During university, he was exposed to and got delighted by the “glass arts”. He believed he was destined to make glassware.

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