Sharp Neck Vase Arabesque (Medium)

Sharp Neck Vase Arabesque (Medium)



The deep red-colored subtle Japanese arabesque patterns on the sleek black vase are all handspun. This results from a series of intense work which includes repeatedly applying lacquer. Although the two-toned red and black are quite overpowering, it doesn't affect the beauty of the flowers displayed with the vase.




Φ100mm × H275mm

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Shinko Kougei
Shinko Kougei Shinko Kougei
Kagawa Shikki Shinko Kougei

Kagawa is the smallest prefecture in Japan. However, they have many traditional crafts, which have predominated in Japan until now. Kagawa Shikki (Kagawa Lacquer Ware) is one of the most famous handcrafts. In the early Edo era, 1638, Yorishige Matsudaira became a landlord and was well versed to lacquer and carving. This enhanced the development of the local industry. There are 4 main techniques to the Kagawa Shikki, which are “Goto”, “Choshitsu”, “Zonsei” and “Kinma”. Shinko Kogei’s specialty is “Kinma”.

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