Chopstick rest (Tales of Genji)

Chopstick rest (Tales of Genji)



A set of 6 chopstick rests in a beautiful box with pictures of the Tales of Genji, which is one of the most famous Japanese classic literature written in the 11th century.




W40mm x H40mm

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Customer Review

Tousengama Tousengama
Kyoto Kiyomizuyaki Tousengama

Kiyomizuyaki crafted around Higashiyama (mountains located on the east side in Kyoto) has about 400 years history. Design and underglaze painting is the most characteristic in Kiyomizuyaki. The reason is two-folded. The first is because soil of ingredient of Kiyomizuyaki is one outside of Kyoto, which made craftsmen difficult to differentiate Kiyomizuyaki from other pottery in terms of ingredient. The second reason is its old capital city history and spread of the tea drinking culture, which led craftsmen to generate diversified design and underglaze painting. Later, Gojozaka in Kyoto became the well-known production area of Kiyomizuyaki. Tousengama, the Kiyomizuyaki production studio where we conductsed the interview this time is also located in Gojozaka.

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