Stories of Craftsmanship

There are many handworks and traditional crafts in Japan which can proudly be introduced to the world. Each area of Japan has unique works and crafts. Those works and the methods behind them have been inherited for generations and represent the history, natural features and soul of Japan. We believe their quality can be found nowhere else due to the natural factor involved in the making process that could only occur in Japan.

Regrettably, these attractive artifacts are not yet popular because they are believed to be too precise and unfamiliar for ordinary people.

It’s so exciting for us to make you explore the “STORY” behind every craft through our videos. After all, we want to promote the real value of Japanese crafts to the people who seek for the soul within a handicraft itself.

What is "TAKUMI"

The Japanese word “TAKUMI” has two main meanings.
A skilled worker who practices some trades or handicraft Invisible power which makes us deeply moved In Japan, we can find a lot of TAKUMI workers who have surprising TAKUMI powers. Nowadays, their craftsmanship attracts a great deal of attention from Japan as well as from overseas.
Therefore, we decided to start this E-Commerce Site called “TAKUMI-WORKS” so that their works, lives, and minds can be understood more profoundly.
We wish that TAKUMI-WORKS and its sophisticated Japanese craftsmanship will give you many moving moments.




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What the logo means



The arrow, on the left side in the logo,
represents our goal,which is to offer the precious craftsmanship knowledge of TAKUMI
workers to future generations.

A craft enriches the mind and soul.
Let us reveal the stories behind
the ‘Impressive Japanese’ crafts.
TAKUMI-WORKS connects you with
Japanese craftsmen
even if you are millions of miles away

Our Team

TAKUMI-WORKS is produced and organized by NEWMARK.Inc.
We are dedicated to bring Japan’s meaningful products to your hands as well as its hidden beauty to your eyes, and we hope you will leave satisfied and come back here soon for more of your favorite “Japan”.

If you have any further questions, we are happy to hear from you.

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