• TAKUMI INTERVIEW / Jul.24.2014

    Kagawa ShikkiNakata Shikki

    Although Kagawa is the smallest prefecture in Japan,
    people in the region are certain that they have rich traditional arts of the highest craftsmanship.
    “Shikki”, a Japanese lacquer ware, has acquired huge reputation amongst many kinds of local craftworks.
    This lacquer ware has become common with both aristocracies and ordinary people and is known as “Kagawa-Shikki”.
    In the first half of the Edo era (about 1630~40s), it flourished under the patronage of Yorishige Matsudaira, a feudal lord of Kagawa.
    The technique of painting Shikki, called “Urushi Nuri”, is now applied to a wide range of products other than products for conventional use.
    The studio “Nakata-Shikki” was established by a passionate craftsman in Kagawa, who passed along his skills to his family over generations.
    Even until today his grandson still inherits the skills and the tradition of the family.
    The family has also strived to create unconventional, modern, and rich Urushi products.

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  • TAKUMI INTERVIEW / Jul.29.2014

    Sanuki GlassAji Glass

    Japan has 47 prefectures. Kagawa is the smallest one. Local people are proud of this small province surrounded by the calm Seto Inland Sea and mountains.
    Rie Sugiyama, a glass artist, was born in Kagawa. She is one of those who have deep affection for the prefecture, and she chooses to express this feeling through her glasswork.

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