TAKUMI INTERVIEW / November.13.2014 CoCoCo

Deliciousness of the food is enhanced by handmade and ceramic goods.

Taking opportunity to communicate with customers

Mr. Masashi Yokoi wasn’t interested in pottery in the beginning. He worked as a designer in Tokyo, and was involved in digital device with touch panel. He did business with major companies and didn’t have opportunity to meet small customers, and he believed ceramic engineering could enable him to deliver products to customers and receive their feedbacks directly.

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Main theme of creative activity is specialty of Okinawa

He has three main themes, “The world in dream”, “Bingata Pottery” and “Shiisa”. With “The world in dream” series, he’d like to visualize the scenery in dreams like unrealistic world, but he doesn’t determine the concept in any way and he expects customers would imagine their own story based on what they see and feel. Since Bingata is Okinawan traditional dye technique, he thinks it is worth tackling in Okinawa and a lot of people will see the products useful to their lives

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What the greatness of “handmade good” is?

We can buy lots of things in 100-yen store, but the greatness of having meal with the dishes that can enhance the deliciousness of the food is rare and it could only happen with handmade and ceramic goods.

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Okinawa Pottery

Yokoi Masashi

Born in 1978, in Nagoya. Graduating from Musashino Art University. Moving to Okinawa after working for design company. Being trained at Okinawan traditional pottery “Tsuboya-yaki”. Establishing his own production studio and shop named “COCOCO” in 2008.

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