TAKUMI INTERVIEW / November.11.2014 Katachiki

What in the world derives the color clearness in KATACHIKI works?

What “Bingata” is

Bingata is traditional dyeing technique which has been used for roughly 500 years in Ryukyu Kingdom.
Only royal/warrior class is allowed to put on clothing and accessary dyed in Bingata.
In 1871, Ryukyu Kingdom was abolished (and replaced with Okinawa Prefecture in 1879) by Meiji Japanese Government which enforced its new law called Haihan-chiken, the establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domains; as a result, Bingata declined gradually.
In addition, all the historical buildings, culture of crafts, valuable reference about Ryukyu Kingdom were lost due to World War II.
Although most people believed it impossible to restore Ryukyu cultures, Eiki Shiroma tried to restore Bingata under the lack of materials and tools after the war.
Nowadays, Bingata works attract a great deal of attention with its color clearness and are accepted by the masses.

Katachiki Intro

Think Tradition and Make Brand-New

KATACHIKI is managed by two sisters, Yumiko and Yuko.
Their works have been enchanting us with their color clearness and so well-designed sewing that their works can be incorporated into everyone’s life.
“We necessarily how we should design so that our customers can use our products easily in their daily life. It is the most exciting thing in our work that someone accepts our idea as a product.”
Brand-new, yet hinted with legacy of culture is what their craftsmanship aims to be.

Katachiki Intro

---”Okinawa-Color” Brights in KATACHIKI Works

What in the world derives the color clearness in KATACHIKI works?
They say, “When we start make a new product, we always discuss and plan it together. Basically, our idea comes from everything in Okinawa such as landscape, accent, customs, and so on.”
The most important material seems to be what they have beeb feeling in Okinawa for their whole life.
That is why KATACHIKI works make us feel as if we were in Okinawa.
Okinawa-color in KATACHIKI works always brights and would definitely bring you to Okinawa.

Katachiki Intro

Okinawa Bingata


Specialize in traditional dyeing technique called “Bingata” Produce brightly colored and well-designed bags, stoles, and accessaries in Okinawa

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