TAKUMI INTERVIEW / November.12.2014 Shiyon

History Makes Brand-New Value ---Weaving Studio SHIYON

"Research the past to develop new ideas"

SHIYON has weaved a number of pieces of textile which is vivid and useful for our daily life.
However, all their works are not made without a traditional weaving method inherited for 600 years.
They always try to generate brand-new values through its history.
"Research the past to develop new ideas"
That is what they do value.

Shiyon Intro

They Make Wishes Real by Their Own Hands

Surprisingly, roughly 16 steps are needed to make just 1 piece of textile.
Moreover, just 4 staffs is working in SHIYON.
We wonder how they run their studios but the actual is that one staff takes care of the entire process respectively.
That is SHIYON's style; "Make what I want by my own"
Therefore, their happiest moment is when their ideal style becomes real.
This is why each their dedicated work looks like having its own individuality.

Shiyon Intro

To Craft With a Heart of Gold

One of character SHIYON's works have is their design which makes it easier for us to use their works in our daily life.
"We pursue the best usability and ingenuity for users not to be tired of having. Our pleasure is that our works is used for a longer time."
SHIYON would also like foreigners to feel its usability and ingenuity in their daily like.
SHIYON aims to generates brand-new value of weaving on a global scale.
Time might be coming soon when SHIYON's works can be found anywhere in the world.

Shiyon Intro

Okinawa Weaving


Weaving studio in the south in Okinawa While using the traditional weaving technique, they provide us weaving works useful for our daily life.

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