The Most Beautiful Furniture Ever
TEORI, Bamboo Furniture Maker

Making use of beautiful bamboo as a material

Bamboo is an ideal material for furniture.
Not only is it hard, sturdy and elastic but it is also resistant to insects and moisture.
In addition, Bamboo grows up extremely fast compared to cedars and cypress, and takes only 3 years to reach a maturity stage like that of timber.
As the bamboo produces new shoots without the need for replanting, it is considered an eco-friendly and renewable resource.
Most important of all, however, is that bamboo is simply beautiful. With its wood grain patterns, the bamboo plywood has the elegant joints like those found in cane.


Finest design made in Kurashiki

The furniture company TEORI was founded in Kurashiki, the city in the Okayama prefecture that owns rich bamboo forests.
“We are making domestic bamboo products which make people’s lives more comfortable.” Interior goods manufactured by TEORI are one step ahead of conventional bamboo products.
TEORI’s furniture, designed with dedication by local designers and TEORI staff, has acquired reputation from not only Japan but also from overseas.
The variety of TEORI’s furniture ranges from a bud vase, which uses bamboo fiber, a mirror decorated with a flexible bamboo frame, to a bamboo-laminated cutting board with beautiful wood patterns.
They naturally fit our modern rooms and interiors.


Thinking of the balance among cost, functions, and fashion of “Kurashiki”

Due to its robustness, bamboo is a difficult material to use in industrial manufacture.
Therefore, all TEORI’s interior décors are finished by hand to maintain the quality of the products.
Of course, TEORI craftsmen have to consider the manufacturing cost, the fine quality, and the functionality of the products while striving for stylish designs.
They have been going through continuous trials and errors to balance all these elements.
We can see the spirit of “MONODUKURI”, that means manufacturing in Japanese, when looking at their small but day-to-day improvements on TEORI’s products.


TEORI is trying to achieve more.

TEORI is not just a furniture company.
They are enthusiastically taking part in the project to preserve local forests, and at the same time they organize a crafting workshop for children.
“As my company takes its roots in Kurashiki, I want to make fine bamboo products that are long-standing and loved by many people.”
Nakayama, the general director shares his vision. TEORI means “basis, foundation, origin” in German.
Their exquisite bamboo products, crafted with passion and care, will be loved worldwide.

Okayama Furniture of Bamboo


Making natural and modern bamboo goods and furniture. The very detailed and high quality work is recognized.

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